Commit 85766ffc authored by Kevin Whitaker's avatar Kevin Whitaker

change youtube-dl params because qt may not be built or have access to all codecs.

parent 4e76cf9f
......@@ -127,7 +127,7 @@ QUrl MiniMediaPlayer::getStreamUrlFromUrl(QUrl mediaUrl)
//Run youtube-dl on Url and return Url given back.
QProcess youtubedl;
youtubedl.start("youtube-dl -f bestaudio -g "+mediaUrl.toString());
youtubedl.start("youtube-dl -f bestaudio[acodec=opus]/bestaudio[acodec=vorbis]/bestaudio[acodec=mp3] -g "+mediaUrl.toString());
QByteArray out = youtubedl.readAllStandardOutput();
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