Commit 61183c73 authored by Kevin Whitaker's avatar Kevin Whitaker
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remove extra string quotes that confused bash.

parent b9027ae4
......@@ -55,12 +55,12 @@ class MainWindow(QtWidgets.QWidget):
def change_head_color(self, new_color):
color = "{0:0{1}x}".format(,2) + "{0:0{1}x}".format(,2) + "{0:0{1}x}".format(,2)["pkexec", "bash", "-c", "\"echo "+color+" > /sys/devices/platform/alienware-wmi/rgb_zones/"+"zone00\""])["pkexec", "bash", "-c", "echo "+color+" > /sys/devices/platform/alienware-wmi/rgb_zones/"+"zone00"])
def change_logo_color(self, new_color):
color = "{0:0{1}x}".format(,2) + "{0:0{1}x}".format(,2) + "{0:0{1}x}".format(,2)["pkexec", "bash", "-c", "\"echo "+color+" > /sys/devices/platform/alienware-wmi/rgb_zones/"+"zone01\""])["pkexec", "bash", "-c", "echo "+color+" > /sys/devices/platform/alienware-wmi/rgb_zones/"+"zone01"])
if __name__ == "__main__":
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